Central American Migrants Face Tear Gas at U.S. Border

Source: https://dailym.ai/2AqTDhy

Source: https://dailym.ai/2AqTDhy

We last spoke about the “caravan” of Central American asylum seekers back on October 18th, 2018 and the situation has changed since then.

To get you caught up, the migrant asylum seekers have approached the border. President Donald Trump made an aggressive statement informing the public that the asylum seekers will not be allowed in the United States. In addition, he had advised Mexican politicians to insure the safety and safe-keeping of the migrants by helping them return home. Nonetheless, these desperate migrants continued marching forward.

Central American migrants are currently attempting to enter the United States from all regions of the border, most recently from Tijuana in which President Trump responded by closing the port and threatening to close all southern entry to the United States from Mexico if the current immigration situation continues to worsen. A tweet was posted by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency stating that entry and departure between San Diego and Tijuana was suspended. The statement was not enough to stop the Central Americans from attempting entry, so Border Protection responded with actions of tear gas and increased forces on land in which President Trump deployed military forces into the region.

Reports from the Mexico-United States border claim aggressive altercations between asylum seekers and U.S. border patrol. The current actions of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency includes the use of tear gas and physical altercations against children and adults in what observants would describe as a battle field.

President Trump also mentioned on Saturday that migrants at the United States and Mexico border would be forced to stay in Mexico until their asylum claims were individually adjudicated in the United States, after an apparent deal was struck with Mexico. However, Mexico’s incoming government denied any deal being met.

Migrants gathered themselves soon after the tear gas fiasco, proceeding to march in front of Mexico federal police officers stationed at the border. The migrants are making a bold statement, as their efforts to gain protection from corruption, government instability, and gang violence continue. Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez seems to be unable to find a solution for his own citizens.

Tensions are high at the border, but it must be noted that the overwhelming majority of Central American migrants are merely seeking a fair opportunity at applying for asylum in this country. Immigration court proceedings would offer them a fair opportunity at obtaining lawful status.

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