The Battle for TPS



On October 3rd, 2018, a federal judge ruled to maintain Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for tens of thousands of non-citizens. This is one step closer in victory for those fighting against deportation laws and regulations currently enforced under the Trump administration. Judge Edward Chen of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California blocked the administration ending TPS protections, stating that it would cause "irreparable harm and great hardship."

TPS grants temporary protection to non-citizens who come to the United States fleeing humanitarian crises in their home country, such as civil war and natural disasters. Many TPS beneficiaries have been in the United States for decades, are law-abiding, and make positive impacts on our communities.

"We have families, we have kids, we pay taxes, so I think it's time." - Edwin & Mily Murillo, protesters supporting TPS

TPS supporters are pushing for a resolution to allow those who have been in the United States and supporting the country for years to acquire permanent residency and be removed from the deportation list. It seems like Judge Chen, who was appointed by President Barack Obama, has sided with TPS supporters, but not indefinitely. Chen seems to have quoted a legal brief highlighting the large contribution of labor that immigrants contribute to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through highly desirable and hard to fill arduous labor. Chen highlighted that, according to the brief, 17 states estimated that they would lose about $132 billion in GDP $5.2 billion in Social Security and Medicare contributions, and $733 million in employer turnover costs if the ruling on TPS was to send those immigrants home.

Chen went on to quote much of the Trump administration’s efforts on increasing immigration enforcement laws, both beneficial and harmful to his cause. He also mentioned that the movement to end TPS may be fueled by racial bias, which has been a large issue and topic of discussion under the Trump administration.

An official hearing for the Trump administration and the plaintiffs has been set for October 26th. 

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