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Lawyer for Visas in Chicago, IL

There were 493,448 immigrant visas and 6,815,120 nonimmigrant visas issued in 2022. While immigrant and nonimmigrant visas are the two main categories, there are several sub-categories under each. And for most people, these get very confusing very quickly.

That’s why Ibrahim Law is a great choice for clients needing a visa. We help our clients throughout the application process so they understand their rights and the visa’s requirements. Our expertise has helped countless clients to get US visas. We want to help you, too! Contact us today to request a consultation with a lawyer for visas in Chicago, IL.

*Please note: We require a consultation fee. The consultation fee will be credited towards our service fees.*

Types of Immigration Visas in the US

The US has a variety of immigration visas under the immigrant and nonimmigrant categories. We’ll outline the most popular visas we see in our office below:






Travel Visa Ibrahim Immigration law

Tourist Visas

People who want to visit the US temporarily can request a tourist visa. This covers the following situations:

> Vacations
> Travel
> Visiting with family or friends
> Medical treatment
> Short educational study programs
> Social events tied to an organization, sport, or contest
> Participation in amateur, non-paid sports games, events, or musicals

Visas For Workers Ibrahim Immigration law

Work Visas

There are several types of visas for working in the US. These include temporary visas, exchange visas, and media visas. Some companies have qualified treaties with the US, and investors or decision-makers in those organizations can apply for visas to conduct business operations.

A common way employees get work visas is to request the employer file a petition on their behalf. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services Department must approve work visas prior to someone working in the US. If you are already in the US with unlawful residency status, there are additional steps you must take. A lawyer for visas in Chicago, IL, may be able to help.

Student Visas Ibrahim Immigration law

Student Visas

Students who wish to study in the US must obtain a student visa first.

Those attending a vocational, language, or non-educational program must obtain an M-category visa.

Students attending all other academic institutions, including universities, high schools, and private schools, must obtain an F-category visa.

Students with these visas must stay in the US and are not allowed to travel outside of it during their visa approval period.

Fiancé Visas Ibrahim Immigration law

Fiance Visas

There is a special finance visa for those wishing to bring a foreign fiance to the US to get married. This type of visa is called a K-1 nonimmigrant visa. To obtain this type of visa, applicants must intend to marry to establish a life together. They must also have intentions of marrying within 90 days.

If the couple marries in that timeframe, the visa holder can then apply for a green card. People who are already married do not qualify for this type of visa.

Business Visa Ibrahim Immigration Law

Business Visas

Many foreigners need to travel to the US for business matters. There are special business visas for these situations. They cover the following:

Consulting with business associates
Negotiating deals or contracts
Settling an estate
Attending a conference (scientific, professional, business, or educational)

Why Choose Ibrahim Law as Your Immigration Attorney in Chicago?

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CONTACT USIbrahim Law Office Chicago IL Immigration Law Firm

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Benefits of Working With Our Lawyer for Visas in Chicago, IL

Michael Ibrahim has immigrant parents and truly understands the struggles his clients face. He embraces multiple cultures and speaks five languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, German, and Syriac). His ability to adapt to his audience allows him to communicate effectively with many people across the industry.

Multicultural Attorney

Michael Ibrahim is multicultural and speaks five languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, German, and Syriac). He is an excellent communicator who can translate complicated immigration laws into clear and concise actions for his clients. He is a compassionate attorney who sees the struggles and challenges many immigrants face. He works tirelessly to make the process a bit easier for them.

Extensive Immigration Law Expertise

Ibrahim Law has been busy for several years, offering immigration services to clients all over the world. We can help them obtain visas, residency, or citizenship. We are also well-versed in appeals and deportation defense. Our team of experts helps our clients with all issues, standing by their sides as they navigate a challenging situation. We aim to help each and every client achieve their personal hopes and dreams of living in the US.

Immigration Attorneys In Chicago

Call Today to Schedule a Free Consultation With a Lawyer for Visas in Chicago, IL

Obtaining a visa in the US can be a complicated process. This is often the best choice for many people wishing to gain lawful permanent residency in the US. You don’t have to navigate this complex process alone!

Whether you need a fiance or work visas in the US, Ibrahim Law wants to help. Our immigration lawyer is knowledgeable in all aspects of visa application and issuance. We guide our clients throughout the process while providing exceptional service. Contact us today to request a consultation to discuss your immigration visa needs.

*Please note: We require a consultation fee. The consultation fee will be credited towards our service fees.*

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*Please note: We require a consultation fee. The consultation fee will be credited towards our service fees.*

Fighting for your justice Ibrahim Immigration Law in Chicago IL

How a Visa Lawyer Can Help Clients in Chicago, IL

Visa lawyers help their clients in many different ways. They provide legal expertise and representation, help them file applications, and answer questions. Attorneys can be extremely helpful during the visa application process for a few reasons, including:

Visa Process Expertise

Our immigration attorneys have filed countless visas, so they know exactly what to expect. We can guide our clients through the process while proactively mitigating issues that many people may have. This helps clients to get their visa applications completed more quickly and without error.

Guide Clients

There are many different visa types with varying requirements. It’s important that someone applies for the correct one and meets the requirements, or they’ll have to restart the process. An attorney can help clients understand the visa types and apply for the right one the first time.

Meet the Requirements After Approval

Getting approved for a visa isn’t the last step. The applicant must follow the rules and guidelines of the visa after they get approved. Working with a visa attorney can help them understand what their rights and requirements are so they don’t get their visa revoked.

"I see my parents struggle in all of my client's cases."

Learn About Your Chicago Immigration Attorney

Michael Ibrahim

Michael Ibrahim

Frequently Asked Questions


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Who Issues Visas in the US?

American consulates and embassies issue visas to foreigners. The US Department of State also issues immigrant and nonimmigrant visas. The initial visa issuance does not guarantee entrance to the US. That decision is up to the Customs and Border Inspector.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa in Chicago, IL?

This is not a question we can give a definitive answer to. Processing times change all the time due to a number of factors, including staffing, delays, a high number of applicants, etc. Each type of visa also has its own processing timeline due to the many different requirements.

To understand the processing time for a visa application, you can check out the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website. Or you can speak to a lawyer for visas in Chicago, IL, to better understand your options. Contact our office today to request a consultation.

Do I Need an Immigration Lawyer for Work Visas in Chicago, IL?

While you are not required to have an immigration lawyer for a visa application, it is recommended. An attorney can guide clients through the process and ensure all aspects of the application are filled out.

There are certain instances where we highly recommend a lawyer, including the following:

>  You don’t understand your immigration options
>  You want to hire foreign workers
>  You’re in the middle of court proceedings
>  You’re inadmissible to the US
>  You don’t understand the paperwork
>  You’re facing delays or issues you don’t know how to resolve

What Is a US Visa in Chicago, IL?

A US visa gives a foreign citizen the ability to request entry to the US. A visa does not guarantee that someone is allowed in the US, but it does show that a consular officer at the US Embassy or Consulate has determined you are eligible to seek entry.

Once someone has a visa, they can come to any port of entry in the US and request entrance from the Department of Homeland Security and the Customs and Borders Inspector. If approved, there are two categories of visas:

1. Nonimmigrant visas are for tourists to travel to the US temporarily
2. Immigrant visas are for people seeking to travel to the US permanently

Visas have expiration dates and conditions attached to them. It’s important to understand the type of visa you have and what you can and cannot do while holding it. If you are uncertain about what type of visa to apply for, you may want to consider speaking to a lawyer for visas in Chicago, IL. Call our office at 312-767-8611 to request a consultation.

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  • Five Star Rated Immigration Attorney Ibrahim Law

    "One of the top immigration lawyers in Chicagoland. Michael Ibrahim is attentive, supportive, and knowledgeable. One of his best abilities is his availability. He responds to emails with attention and detail, often on the same day. Don't underestimate that in dealing with any immigration matter. He is personable; he does not simply collect fees and treat you like a client but rather like a friend. Your success is his success, and he understands that. If Michael were a surgeon, accountant, or another lawyer in any other field. I would want him. You cannot replicate him.." -Yousef S.

  • Five Star Rated Immigration Attorney Ibrahim Law

    "My wife and I are very thankful for Micheal Ibrahim. Before we hired him, we approached many immigration lawyers over ten years to duplicate documents that were destroyed in a fire. The results were disappointing. Micheal was able to find the lost documents. My wife got her permanent residency. He was always available for us during a stressful time. We would like to thank Michael for his knowledge, professionalism, and expertise. We would definitely recommend Michael for immigration services." -Farzad D.

  • Five Star Rated Immigration Attorney Ibrahim Law

    "Michael took over my case, which had been in immigration proceedings for many years, and I am so glad that he did. He is very professional, kept my husband, and I informed of every step of the process, and gave us the most honest and beneficial advice! Highly recommended for anyone who is in need of a great immigration attorney! Thank you again, Michael!" -Nida F.

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*Please note: We require a consultation fee. The consultation fee will be credited towards our service fees.*