Is The Royal Baby a US Citizen?


“It’s a Boy!” The Duke and Duchess of Susex announced that they have had their firstborn child on May 6, 2019. The couple named their first baby of Sussex, Archie Harrison Mounbatten-Windsor. The royal baby was born in the United Kingdom to two British Monarchs. The royal baby is indeed, British royalty. But is the newborn royal baby of Sussex, American as well?

Under the relevant U.S. Immigration and Nationality laws, Archie is a U.S. citizen. Immigration and Nationality Act Section 301(g) states that a child is a U.S. citizen at birth if born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions when one parent is a non-citizen and the other is a U.S. citizen. Prior to the birth of that child, the U.S. citizen must have been physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for at least five years, at least two of which were after the age of fourteen years. The Princess, former actress Meghan Markle, was born in California and lived almost all of her life in the United States prior to marrying his Royal Highness and moving to the United Kingdom. Royal baby Archie was born in the United Kingdom to a U.S. citizen who was physically present in the United States for five years or more prior and a British father. Therefore, the royal baby is indeed a U.S. citizen!

Several people both in the United States and abroad live much of their lives thinking that they are not a U.S. citizen. As you can now see, being born abroad does not necessarily mean that one is not a U.S. citizen. Similar laws make someone a U.S. citizen automatically by birth. Some laws make someone born outside the United States but who later immigrates to the United States "acquire" U.S. citizenship. Of course, certain non-citizens in the United States may be eligible to naturalize, obtaining U.S. citizenship through an affirmative application to USCIS. There are countless factors that may be relevant in citizenship by birth, acquisition of citizenship, and citizenship by naturalization.

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