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Tips to Help During Your Immigration Interview

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Tips to Help During Your Immigration Interview

You are close to potentially becoming a U.S. Citizen. The day of your immigration interview is near. You are going through all sorts of overwhelming emotions from nervousness to excitement. We understand how important this interview is to you and that everything goes as smoothly as possible. To help you prepare for this big day, below are tips to consider for your immigration interview:

Arrive Early: It is recommended to arrive between 30-45 minutes early to your appointment to get settled in. You do not want to arrive late. Not only would this create unnecessary stress to yourself, but Officers can legally deny your interview. You also want to arrive early in case there are long wait lines.

Dress Appropriately: Immigration interviews are formal, therefore, you want to dress professionally and make a good impression on the Officer. Men can dress in a suit or dress pants with a button-up shirt and tie. Women can wear a dress or skirt that goes past the knees, or slacks with a blouse and blazer. Whatever you choose to wear, make it appropriate.

Bring a Translator: If needed, have a translator attend your interview in order to best interpret the questions asked by the Officer. This will help with the language barrier and make the interview run more smoothly. It is best to have a translator that is not a relative.

Be Respectful: It is important to show respect to the Officer. You should not argue, lie, or make any jokes during your interview. The interview is an important matter that will determine the status of your naturalization, therefore it should be taken seriously.

Answering Questions: Give direct answers. You do not want to stray away from the point of the question. If the officer asks a yes or no question, only answer with a yes or no. If you do not understand the question asked, you may ask the Officer to repeat the question. If you genuinely do not know the answer to a question or cannot remember, simply say that you do not know. You should never lie or fake an answer. If you are applying for naturalization on the basis of marriage, be prepared to answer personal questions to prove your relationship is legitimate. Again, do not lie, as you may give an answer opposite of what your spouse said, which will raise questions to the officer.

Documentation: It is extremely important you have all the required documents needed for the interview. Bring originals as well as copies for the Officer. Make sure all the documents are accurate.

Supporting Documents: Bring supplemental documents that apply to your application in case the Officer may need any. If you are applying for naturalization on the basis of marriage to a U.S. citizen, have any birth or marriage certificates, tax returns, etc. It is best to have tax related documents completed by a Certified Public Accountant for accuracy. You should also bring any divorce or arrest records, etc. if such applies to you. However, it is important that you ensure any supplemental documents are relevant and contain only the information you used for your application. You do not want to bring a document that will confuse the Officer and have them question other matters unrelated to the reason why you are there.

Organize: Have an organized binder or folder that has all of your original documents as well as copies for the Officer. This will help you stay in order and avoid any inconveniences to yourself and the Officer.

Practice: It does not hurt to practice how to answer possible questions that will come up during your interview. It can be a very nerve racking process and sometimes can get the best of you if you are not prepared. You can ask your attorney to run by a few questions or even conduct a mock interview.

Know Your Application: You should know what you are applying for and what brought you to the interview. Make sure you are familiar with your application and the information you provided for it.

Wait for Your Attorney: Sometimes, the Officer will call you in for the interview before your attorney has arrived. Do not go through with your interview without your attorney present. Your attorney is there to protect you and your rights.

*This article does not constitute legal advice. Readers should contact their attorney in regards to their particular legal matters.

If you, or a loved one, have further questions on your immigration interview process, please reach out to Ibrahim Law Office to schedule a consutlation.

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